Public Works


111 Airport Drive E
Frederick, MD 21701

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24 Hours Switchboard: 301-600-1160

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Coleman, P.E., Tracy Ann Deputy Director of Public Works - Eng/Operations 301-600-1401  
Stitley, Chip Assistant Deputy Director of Operations 301-600-1176  
Kershner P.E., Zack Public Works Director    
Cosner, Eva Operations Support Supervisor 301-600-1163  
Springer, Susan Water and Sewer Administrative Assistant 301-600-1681  
Albaugh, Tammy General Services Administrative Assistant 301-600-1680  
Ott, Kenneth Superintendent of Light and Signal 301-600-1167  
Winpigler, Mike Superintendent of Street Maintenance 301-600-1680  
Fleagle, Zach Superintendent of Sanitation 301-600-1377  
Michael, Jason Superintendent of Maintenance Facilities 301-600-1809  
Crim, Brad Superintendent Wastewater Treatment 301-600-1036  
Cool, Terri Wastewater Pretreatment Coordinator 301-600-2979  
Shankle, George Superintendent of Sewer and Storm Water 301-600-3883  
Lambert, Craig Superintendent Water Treatment 301-600-1186  
Seal, Dan Supervisor of Water Quality 301-600-1473  
Arnold, Judi DPW Projects Office Manager 301-600-6288  

Projects Inspections 

111 Airport Drive E
Frederick, MD 21701

Frederick, MD 21701


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Harshman, Nicole Senior Project Inspector 301-600-6288  
Odia, Etinosa Project Engineer 301-600-1175  
Wingfield, Ron DPW Projects Manager 301-600-6205