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Scoop The Poop Pledge

  1. SCOOP THE POOP and DON’T POLLUTE PLEDGE Why is it so important to scoop? Dog poop left on the ground does not fertilize the ground or just magically disappear. It is picked up by storm water runoff and runs into our local waterways including Carroll Creek, Tuscarora Creek, and the Monocacy River. This water is not treated or cleaned before it enters the creeks and rivers, so pet waste is a significant contributor to water pollution. It also presents health risks to humans and pets. Pet waste carries bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can make people, especially children, sick. You can make a difference by making this pledge and encouraging others to make it too! By signing this pledge, you promise to always clean up after your dog. You are helping to keep The City of Frederick’s creeks, streams, and rivers clean! - I pledge to always clean up after my dog, even in my own yard. - I pledge to always carry extra pet waste bags on my daily walks. - I pledge to encourage others to clean up after their pets. - I pledge to tell others about the “Scoop the Poop and Don’t Pollute” Pledge.
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