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Tree Planting and Removal Application - Within Historic Preservation district, but outside City right of ways.

  1. Incomplete applications will not be processed
  2. Same as Applicant?
  3. Phone (please provide at least one phone number)
  4. Tree Information
  5. Tree(s) to be removed:
  6. (DBH = diameter at 4 ½ feet above ground)
  7. Removal by MD License Tree Expert only:
  8. Tree(s) to be planted:
  9. (2.5” caliper standard)
  10. Planting to be done by:
  11. Tree Seller
  12. Reason(s) for removal (attach MD LTE / certified arborist’s report and photos if available)
  13. I understand that replanting is a condition of removing street trees and that replacement may not be 1:1. I understand that I am responsible for the successful establishment of the replanted trees and that I will be required to replace them if they die within two years after planting.
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