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Program Evaluation

  1. Please choose the type of program that best describes the event or program that you attended.
  2. How did you hear about this program or event?
  3. The staff / instructors displayed a professional manner.
  4. The registration process was easy to follow.
  5. I was able to receive information in a timely manner.
  6. The program was convenient.
  7. I was treated with courtesy and respect.
  8. The program space / location was appropriate.
  9. The cost of the program was appropriate.
  10. The quality of the program / event met my expectations.
  11. I would attend / participate in this program / event again.
  12. I would recommend this program / event to a friend.
  13. This program improved my awareness of Park and Recreation activities.
  14. Attending this program increased my awareness of the benefits of recreation.
  15. Overall, how satisfied were you with the session?
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