How does the system work?
Each intersection in the program is equipped with a camera and appropriate lighting that is set to monitor the intersection. The equipment is data linked to the vendor. Monitoring of intersections is continuous; however recording only occurs when a violation is detected. The equipment detects when a vehicle enters the intersection (crosses the white stop line) after the light has turned red. Once a violation is recorded, it is sent to the vendor who performs a preliminary check of the violation to ensure it meets our guidelines and that there are no exemption factors present, such as funeral processions, emergency vehicles with emergency equipment activated, or even vehicles clearing the way for emergency vehicles. If the vendor approves the violation, the video, along with registration information, is forwarded the police department for review. Each and every violation is reviewed by a police employee, who verifies the violation as well as the vehicle registration and type of vehicle. Once finally approved by the police department, the vendor sends out a violation notice to the registred owner of the vehicle.

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1. What is this all about?
2. This is to generate revenue because the City needs money, right?
3. How does the system work?
4. How do you know I was driving the vehicle when it ran the red light?
5. I have heard there is no way to fight these tickets. Is this true?
6. What happens to my license and insurance if I pay the ticket or I am found guilty in court?
7. What is the maximum fine?