Stormwater Management Utility Fee

City Stormwater Management Utility Fees

The City of Frederick charges a Stormwater Management (SWM) Utility Fee for all real properties located in the City limits including public owned and tax-exempt properties. Properties receiving city water and sewer service are billed the SWM Utility Fee as a line item on their quarterly utility bill.

The revenue generated from this fee is used to fund stormwater management, storm drainage, and water quality programs throughout the City. These programs include and maintenance of stormwater management and storm drainage systems, street sweeping, watershed studies, water quality monitoring, public outreach and other activities as required for compliance with the City's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) General Permit for Discharges from Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4).

Fee Amount Calculations

The SWM Utility Fee structure is based upon impervious surface area as higher amounts of impervious surface area contribute greater amounts of stormwater runoff. The annual amount billed is calculated by dividing the impervious surface area in square feet by 1,000 square feet and multiplying by the unit rate found on the current fiscal year Fee Schedule.

For residential properties and those in the downtown district an average percent impervious surface area has been established per dwelling type. This average is the Percent Impervious Factor (PIF). PIF values can be found in Section 28-29 of the Stormwater Utility Fee Ordinance. To obtain the impervious surface area used for determining the SWM Utility Fee the PIF is multiplied by the property area. For all other properties an actual impervious surface area measurement is used for determining the SWM Utility Fee amount.

Fee adjustments may be requested in writing if the criteria in Section 28-33 of the Stormwater Utility Fee Ordinance are met.

Fee Credits

Property owners may apply for a credit against the SWM Utility Fee based on the amount of impervious surface area draining to a private stormwater facility and the standards to which the facility was designed. More information and criteria for the Fee Credit can be found in Section 28-31 of the Stormwater Utility Fee Ordinance.

Residential properties are eligible for a credit only if the property has provided stormwater management through Environmental Site Design (ESD) to the Maximum Extent Practicable (MEP). ESD to the MEP standards are set by Maryland Department of the Environment.

Fee Calculator

Sample SWM Utility Fee Calculation
Property TypeSingle Family Dwelling ( PIF=30% )
Lot Area9,845 square feet
Impervious AreaPIF/100 * Lot Area = 2,954 square feet
Fee Rate$21.97 / 1,000 square feet (FY 2022)
SWM Utility FeeImpervious Area * Fee Rate = $64.90 for fiscal year 2022