Sale of City-Owned Real Property

The City of Frederick owns land and facilities throughout the community, which is sometimes required for public facilities, or other uses to assist in providing planned community services or to foster community development. In other cases, property is no longer needed by the City in the short or long term.

To dispose of City property, the Facilities Manager notifies the Mayor and the Board of Aldermen that it no longer needs the property. If there is no other governmental agencies interested in utilizing the property, and if it is determined that the City's interest is better served to dispose of it, the Mayor and Board of Aldermen declares the property to be surplus and approves it for disposal.

Selling City Property

City-owned real property is sold in accordance with the City of Frederick real property disposition policy, Resolution Number 12-02. The City may issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Invitation to Bid (ITB) and advertise the property for sale. RFPs and ITBs are advertised on the City Procurement web-site, the Facilities website and potentially in local print and/or online newspapers and trade publications. The City will obtain a current property appraisal.

Award of Real Property ITBs are biased on the highest responsive price offered. Award of Real Property RFPs are biased on the responses received and are scored and evaluated, in accordance with the RFP criteria. Respondents to a Real Property RFP may be asked to clarify their proposal and submit a Best and Final Offer. To insure fairness, proposals are kept strictly confidential during the evaluation process.

Award of all ITBs and RFPs must receive final approval from the Mayor and Board of Aldermen before a Contract or Agreement may be executed.