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ResolutionDescriptionDate Adopted
Resolution 18-13A Resolution Concerning Fines for Parking ViolationsMay 17, 2018
Resolution 18-14A Resolution to Amend the Charter, Sections 2-B and 2-C Concerning Enforcement and Administration of the Property Maintenance and Land Management CodesMay 17, 2018
Resolution 18-15A Resolution Concerning Water Meter RatesMay 17, 2018
Resolution 18-16A Resolution Concerning the Pension Benefit Trust Investment StatementJuly 5, 2018
Resolution 18-17A Resolution Concerning Violations of City Code Chapter 23, “Vehicles for Hire”October 18, 2018
Resolution 18-18A Resolution for the Purpose of Adding DeGrange Street and a Certain Portion of Wisner Street the Two-Hour Parking ProgramNovember 1, 2018
Resolution 19-01Concerning the Annual Children’s Festival in Baker ParkJanuary 3, 2019
Resolution 19-02Designating Phebus Avenue as One-WayJanuary 3, 2019
Resolution 19-03Support for the City to serve as the local sponsoring organization for the Family Day Care Homes component of the Child and Adult Care Food ProgramFebruary 7, 2019
Resolution 19-04Amending the Charter, Article VI “Administration” to remove certain responsibilities from the Division of Engineering and to create a Deputy Director for Engineering and OperationsFebruary 21, 2019
Resolution 19-05Approving the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Annual Action PlanMay 2, 2019
Resolution 19-06Revising the Policies and Procedures Handbook for Employees of the City concerning the use of electronic smoking devicesMay 2, 2019
Resolution 19-07Concerning Water Meter RatesMay 16, 2019
Resolution 19-08Support for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 Frederick Façade Improvement and Building Reuse Program Community Legacy ProjectJune 6, 2019
Resolution 19-09Concerning Frederick Town Historic District GuidelinesJune 20, 2019
Resolution 19-10
Concerning Water and Sewer Charges
December 5, 2019
Resolution 19-11
Concerning Community 2030: A Ten Year Strategic Plan for the City of Frederick
December 19, 2019
Resolution 20-02
Concerning Administration and Establishing a Department of Housing and Human Development
February 4, 2020
Resolution 20-03
Concerning amendments to the Community Development Block Grant Annual Action Plan
February 20, 2020
Resolution 20-04
Concerning Designation of a Portion of Water Street as One-Way
March 5, 2020
Resolution 20-05
Concerning the Annexation of 8.52 acres on the Western Boundary of the City, Known as the Lupcho Annexation
March 5, 2020
Resolution 20-06
Extension of the State of Emergency
April 8, 2020
Resolution 20-07
Concerning Climate Emergency
April 16, 2020
Resolution 20-08
Concerning Policies and Procedures Handbook for Employees of the City of Frederick regarding Coronavirus response
April 16, 2020
Resolution 20-09
Concerning the CDBG Consolidated Plan 2020-2024 and Annual Action Plan
May 7, 2020
Resolution 20-10
Concerning National Park Service Facilities at Westside Regional Park
May 21, 2020
Resolution 20-11
Concerning changing the name of a portion of Scholls Lane to Scottys Bus Lane
July 2, 2020
Resolution 20-12
Amending the Policies and Procedures Handbook for City Employees regarding Alternative Work Schedules
July 2, 2020
Resolution 20-13
Concerning an amendment to the CDBG Annual Action Plan
July 2, 2020
Resolution 20-14
Concerning an amendment to the CDBG Citizen Participation Plan for the Consolidated Plan 2015-2019
July 2, 2020
Resolution 20-15
Concerning Racism as a Public Health Crisis
July 16, 2020
Resolution 20-16
Concerning Hazard Pay for City Employees
August 6, 2020
Resolution 20-17
Concerning Equity as a Fundamental Value
August 6, 2020
Resolution 20-18
Concerning Waiver of Parkland Dedication Requirements for Hamilton Square
September 17, 2020
Resolution 20-19
Concerning Social Media Policy for The City of Frederick
November 5, 2020
Resolution 20-20
Support for Neighborhood Businessworks Program – Rollins Life Celebration Center
November 19, 2020
Resolution 21-01
Concerning the 2020 Comprehensive Plan and Extending the Deadline for Approval

March 4, 2021

Resolution 21-02
Concerning the Policies and Procedures Handbook for Employees Concerning Vacation Time and Compensatory Time for Exempt Employees
March 4, 2021
Resolution 21-03
Concerning Master Plan PC20-94MU for 423A, 423B, and 423 ½ East Patrick Street
March 4, 2021
Resolution 21-04
Amending the City Charter, Article V, Elections
April 15, 2021
Resolution 21-05
Adopting the 2020 Comprehensive Plan
April 15, 2021
Resolution 21-06
Concerning the Maryland DHCD Neighborhood BusinessWorks Program
June 3, 2021
Resolution 21-07
Concerning designation of a resident agent
June 17, 2021
Resolution 21-08
Concerning 2021 elections of the City of Frederick
June 17, 2021
Resolution 21-09
Concerning the Master Plan for 198 Monroe Avenue
July 1, 2021
Resolution 21-13
Concerning an Anti-Harassment Policy for Elected Officials
October 7, 2021