About the Frederick Police Department

Brief History

In 1745, Daniel Dulaney founded Fredericktown on a feeder creek of the Monocacy River. In 1817, with a population of 3,640, Frederick became an incorporated municipality. On March 21 of that year the city's administration appointed four town constables, one each to supervise streets, markets, enforcement, and animals.

The Police Department was officially organized in 1858 with an authorized strength of a captain and two constables. The following year the city force increased to four - and by 1870 the organization had evolved into a police force following the established models of New York City and Metropolitan Police of London. Constables became policeman, and the force consisted of a police chief, a day squad consisting of three officers, and a night squad of three officers.

Department Reorganization

From 1817 until 1941, constables and policeman served for one year and had to be rehired each year, being appointed or reappointed by the mayor and Board of Common Council and Board of Alderman. In 1941, the city reorganized the department with officers no longer being required to be rehired each year - in effect recognizing the force as a professional organization of career law enforcement officers.

Today the Frederick Police Department is a fully staffed, full-service law enforcement/police services agency comprised of sworn officers and civilian specialists. Together they comprise a proud and professional force that works diligently to provide professional police services in partnership with our community.

The Frederick Police Department Patch

The origins of the Frederick Police are lost in history. However, its symbols continue to clearly define the values and authority of our officers. The eagle symbolizes justice. The shield represents the shield of protection officers provide the community. The State of Maryland coat-of-arms refers to the state constitution and those laws that establish our authority. Light rays emanating from the shield symbolize enlightenment, knowledge, and understanding, not only in the enforcement of laws but in all interactions with our community.

While we understand that some law enforcement agencies still grant requests for their patches, we hope the public will understand that we do not. The shoulder patch of the Frederick Police Department (FPD) is only issued to FPD sworn officers and personnel.