Residential Trash

Arranging for Trash Service

All residential trash throughout the City of Frederick is collected using one of two methods described.

Automated Trash Collection

Allows for one person to safely and efficiently collect curbside refuse using a truck with a mechanical arm that automatically lifts and empties the trash container. View a customer information brochure (PDF).

Rear Load Trash Collection

Involves collectors manually picking up trash and placing it in the back of a trash truck. If your area is not serviced by the Automated Trash Collector program, no special arrangements are necessary. Simply set your trash out according to the following service guidelines and restrictions:

  • Collection Schedule - Trash is collected once a week. Trash should be set out after 5 p.m. and before 12 midnight on the evening preceding your collection day. Determine your collection day.
  • Holidays - Collections are suspended on all holidays the City observes. If your collection day coincides with one of these holidays please put your trash out for collection on the next business day.
  • Service Quantity - Each residence may set out up to 180 gallons of refuse per collection.

Trash Containers & Placement of Trash

Rear Load/Manual Collection

Both trash cans and trash bags may be used. The volume on the cans or bags cannot exceed 35 gallons or 50 pounds. Curbside collected trash must be placed in front of the residences as close as possible to the public street. Do not place within five feet of a fire hydrant. Resident is responsible for supplying the trash receptacle.

Automated Collection

City issued trash carts only are accepted. Place carts as close as possible to the public street with metal bar facing toward the street so that the lid opens toward the street. Place no closer than three feet from any obstruction.