Pest Management

Geese & Ducks

The City of Frederick discourages the feeding of wildlife in city parks. Canada goose populations have increasingly intensified and localized in urban and suburban environments throughout North America. Attracted to open expanses of turf grass, preferably adjacent to a water body, Canada geese and human beings often occupy public green spaces at similar times of the year. Many citizens enjoy the presence of geese in urban and suburban environments, although, others do not.

According to experts, geese select forage sites based primarily on safety considerations. Almost every nuisance site has a lawn that abuts a body of water so that a foraging goose could seek refuge on the water if disturbed. (Conover. 1991a)

Do not feed the Geese and Ducks!

  • Feeding geese and ducks is dangerous to the well being of the birds. Geese and ducks can choke and die on many of the types of food people feed to them such as bread, crackers, and taco shells.
  • Feeding geese and ducks may increase pressure on municipalities to cull or relocate the geese.
  • Feeding and thereby encouraging concentrations of geese and ducks at specific locations may affect serious soil erosion and therefore poor water quality.


Birds in street trees are attracted to the populated areas due to the food sources and the warmth of the pavement and homes. The City can only offer a temporary form of relief. Bird complaints can be registered by calling 301-600-1440.