Good Jobs, Great Cities


Resilient cities, with the realities of climate change, are addressing infrastructure in sustainable ways, including storm water, water, and wastewater, energy usage, and accessibility and mobility. Resilient cities are also looking to their residents as essential to create both quality of life and quality of opportunity. In Maryland, that means no one is left behind. The Building Resilient Frederick Initiative is our response to ensure that everyone, and our focus is emerging adults, is part of answering the call. The resilience of our residents, especially during the pandemic, demonstrates we must be adaptable, innovative, and intentional in our response. We want to serve the 14-24 year olds, emerging adults, who have much to give but perhaps have not yet identified their path. Through collaboration of our partners across the workforce services, education, business and non-profit sectors our goal is to develop a workforce development pipeline providing employment opportunities for these emerging adults and future leaders.

The Four Pillars:

The City of Frederick's strategy to building a successful workforce development pipeline is centered around four key pillars. Those pillars are as follows:

  • Fair Wages & Good Jobs
  • Re-entry
  • 14-24 (Emerging Adults)
  • Apprenticeships and career-connected learning

Good Jobs, Great Cities Kickoff Conference