ADA Parking Information

Handicap parking in he Downtown Business District

Pursuant to Maryland Motor Vehicle law #13-616, If a vehicle has valid handicap tags or hangtag the vehicle may park on a regular parking meter for twice the time of the meter.  Example:  a two-hour meter would be 4 hours of parking at no charge with a valid H/C tag or hangtag.

The red Loading Zone meters are for commercial loading and unloading for the hours of 6AM-10AM.  After 10AM they become regular parking meters and a person with a valid H/C tag or hangtag my park on them for twice the length of the meter.

No handicap parking is allowed in the long-term loading zone spaces.

All the City of Frederick parking garages are handicap accessible and have H/C spaces on each level.  All patrons who park in the garages pay the prevailing rates.