Procurement Forecasting

The City of Frederick is committed to providing information about opportunities for buisnesses to participate in procurement contracting. The City is also interested in providing small, minority, and women owned businesses that chance to bid on projects of all sizes.  This forecasting page provides project title, short description, and bid opening time frame for our upcoming 2023 projects to  help your business prepare staff, material, and schedule availability. 


If you are a small, minority, and women owned businesses, we also encourage you to review the two procurement programs the City of Frederick has established to promote procurement contracting specifically with MWBEs and SBEs, which can be found on the vendor information page. 


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Upcoming Procurement Opportunities 2023

*RFP- Request for Proposal *IFB- Invitation for Bid *D/B- Design & Build *TBD-To Be Determined
Project Title   Format   Projected Month Release for Bid 
Ballanger Creek Pump Station Bid February- March 
Riverside Boat Ramp Bid February-March
City Hall Energy Audit Quote February-March
Water Loss Reduction RFP- D/B February-March
Street Lighting Upgrades Bid February-March
Pest Control Bid February-March
Rails with Trails Phase 4 RFP  February-March
Public Spaces Security Camera Project RFP February-March
40 West Booster Station Design  RFP February-March
Wayfinding at Court & E. All Saints Garages Bid February-March
Pool Renovation  Bid March-April 
FOP Compensation Study RFP March-April
Yellow Springs Road Intersection  Bid  March-April
ADA Intersection Upgrades  TBD March-April
Receivership  RFP March-April
Brownfields   RFP April- May
Church Street Garage Demo & Rebuild (DESIGN)  Prequal RFP April-May
Shelter Renovations  IFB May-June
West Side Health Center  RFP - D/B May-June 
Fuel Tank Replacement  RFP May-June 

Note: This list is a projection and is subject to change at anytime.