Fairview Avenue Bridge Replacement

Planning and design are now underway to replace the Fairview Avenue Bridge that crosses Baker Park. Proposed improvements include of removal and replacement of the existing bridge and associated approach roadway work, which will closely match the existing approach roadway, and will be limited to the intersection with West 2nd Street on the East Approach and the intersection with Carroll Parkway on the West Approach.  Sidewalks, railings, and traffic barriers will also be added on each side of the bridge.  

The existing bridge will be removed in its entirety.  Traffic and pedestrians will be detoured around the project site during construction.    The pedestrian detour utilizes an existing sidewalk on West 2nd Street, across an existing pedestrian-covered bridge, and onto Carroll Parkway, providing similar accessibility as the existing sidewalks and Carroll Creek Trail (part of the 2 Mile and 5k Loops).

CIP NUMBER: 330006
PROJECT NAME: Fairview Avenue (F-F-11) Bridge Replacement
STAFF LEAD: Etinosa Odia (EODIA@cityoffrederickmd.gov)
STATUS: 30% Design

History of Previous Construction

Bridge No. F‐F‐11001 is a single‐span prestressed concrete box beam bridge built in 1963. The bridge has a centerline‐to‐centerline bearing length of 61’‐0” with a clear roadway width of 24’‐3”. The bridge carries two lanes of traffic, one in each direction. The superstructure consists of ten prestressed concrete box beams, steel tube bridge railings and a concrete overlay over the beams. The substructure consists of reinforced concrete abutments and wingwalls. There is a sidewalk along the south side of the structure.

The bridge was rehabilitated in 1986, 1994, and 2003. The 1986 rehabilitation included repairing spalls on the beams and cleaning the beams. The 1994 rehabilitation consisted of replacing two concrete box beams, their respective bearings, and replacing the roadway joints.

In July 2019, the City hired The Wilson T. Ballard Company to perform a design study of bridge to determine if it should be rehabilitated or replaced. The results of the study determined that the bridge needs to be completely replaced in the near future.