North Branch Trail

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The North Branch Trail will be an off-street shared-use path extending north from the Carroll Creek Trail at Waterford Park to just past Christopher’s Crossing. It will serve one of the fastest-growing areas in Frederick, allowing people to easily travel by bicycle between Downtown and the neighborhoods to the northwest, cutting traffic and driving demand. This is part of the city’s ongoing Shared-Use Path Plan.

The trail runs along the abandoned Thurmont Branch of the Hagerstown & Frederick Trolley. The County plans to extend this trail along the entire length of the old rail line, allowing bicyclists to get to Yellow Springs Elementary, Thurmont, and connect to a trail serving the Frederick Municipal Forest.

Currently, the city has secured a $400,000 MDOT SHA Bikeways Grant, matched with $100,000 in city funding, to make this trail shovel-ready. Some segments have already been completed as part of private developments.

Vital Data

Length: 3.7 miles, 0.6 miles completed
CIP: 380001


The project is currently conceptual, but outreach will accompany the project's design to ensure stakeholders are properly informed and can give meaningful input.

Conceptual planning is complete. First outreach hasn't begun.