P&R Master Plan

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The City of Frederick knows that parks and recreation programming are essential! These spaces provide so much to our community, especially our youth. To ensure that our parks and programming grow along with our City, we have embarked on a Parks and Recreation Masterplan with the support of BerryDunn (formerly GreenPlay, LLC). This plan provides guidance for future development and redevelopment of the City’s parks, recreation programming, and facilities. To meet short and long-term objectives, this master park plan will be comprehensive will include significant opportunities for public involvement to ensure parks and parks investments meet the desires of the growth, and public demand within the community.  The plan will incorporate energy efficiency and sustainable strategies, evaluate collaborative opportunities with other entities, and explore accessibility opportunities within the current infrastructure. Let's get started! 

  1. Phase 3
  2. Phase 2
  3. Phase 1

Phase 3 is in progress.  The consultant analyzed all of the feedback and research completed in Phases 1 and 2 to create the final DRAFT report and list of recommendations. The Parks and Recreation Department final draft Master Plan and the GRASP final draft Park Inventory Atlas are linked below.  These documents are in draft form and are not yet final.


BerryDunn (formerly GreenPlay, LLC) shared the final draft report with the Mayor and Board of Alderman at Workshop on September 28.  Following discussion, the consultant will be preparing additional information for presentation at future Commission meetings, as well as Mayor and Board of Alderman.

Watch Workshop Meeting Recording from Sep 28, 2022


For questions regarding this process or plan, please contact Deputy Director, Parks and Recreation, at bsmith@cityoffrederickmd.gov..