Garage Parking

There are five parking garages in the City of Frederick. For more parking information or to apply for a monthly pass please call: 301-600-1429.  To view locations, please visit Maps.  

Parking Garage Locations

  • Carroll Creek Garage---  44 East Patrick Street  
    • Next to the C. Burr Artz Library and accessible from the first block of East Patrick Street and off of the first block of South Market Street
  • Church Street Garage--- 17 East Church Street
    • Accessible from East Church Street and off of the 100 block of North Market Street, behind the Brewery Pub and Restaurant
  • Court Street Garage--- 2 South Court Street
    • Accessible from South Court Street and Citizens Way
  • East All Saints Street Garage--- 125 East All Saints Street
    • On the corner of East All Saints and South Carroll Street
  • West Patrick Street Garage--- 138 West Patrick Street
    • Next to the Fredrick County Courthouse on the west side, and accessible from the second block of West Patrick Street and the first block of South Court Street

Garage Parking Rate Schedule

24 Hours Monday - Sunday
$1 per hour or fraction thereof

Garage parking is $1 per hour. The 24 hour maximum weekday rate is $12. Maximum weekday nightly and weekend parking is $5.

Garage parking is free on Sunday from 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM.

Overnight parking is permitted. If you plan to leave it for longer than 48 hours, contact the Parking Department first, as vehicle may be towed at the owner’s expense.

Garage Payment procedures

Payment is now made at pay stations located at each stairwell on the first level. Parking patrons must take their parking ticket with them after they park in the garage and keep it with them until they return to the garage. Please keep the ticket in good shape and not bent or folded.

To pay: Insert the ticket in one of the pay stations and follow the prompts to make payment and then take the validated ticket with you to insert in the exit station as you leave. The pay stations take cash, coin, and credit cards.  The exit stations ONLY take credit cards or tickets that have been validated at the paystations.  TO SAVE TIME AT EXIT PLEASE PAY AT PAYSTATION BEFORE GOING TO EXIT.

Monthly Garage Passes

Monthly parking at the five parking garages is available at a cost of $97 per month.  Contact the Parking Department to purchase your pass.

Monthly payments may be dropped in a drop slot on the side of the booths in the garages or paid in person or mailed to:
Parking Office
2 S Court Street
Frederick, MD 21701

Phone: 301-600-1429