Christopher’s Crossing Loop, an Urban Primary Arterial Roadway

Increased growth and traffic, especially in the northwest portion of the City, has dictated the planning and construction of a urban primary arterial ring road or loop around the City.   In accordance with the City's 2010 and recently adopted 2020 Comprehensive Plan the Christopher’s Crossing loop is planned to extend from U.S. 15 north to U.S. 40 west of the City to improve overall circulation, access and roadway network redundancy.   Several projects, recently completed and planned, managed and coordinated by the State, County and City, support the ultimate completion of the Christopher’s Crossing loop.


Christophers Crossing/Yellow Springs Road Corridor Traffic Study Presentation (February 2010) (PDF)

2030 Comprehensive Plan Roadway Classification Map from the 2010 Comp Plan:

 2040 Comprehensive Plan Roadway Classification Map from the 2020 Comp Plan: 2020-Comprehensive-Plan-Adopted (

2022 Update to the Mayor and Board (Feb 23, 2022 Workshop): Christophers’ Crossing Corridor -Planning to Implementation: 1979-2028 and Beyond 


Project Phases

  1. Sanner Farm
  2. TRAFFIC SIGNAL AT Opossumtown pike
  4. Rocky Springs RD to Kemp LN Curve
  5. Kemp Lane to Shookstown Rd/Old Camp Rd

Initiated in 2018 and completed in 2020, this section provided a critical missing link between the existing endpoint of Christopher’s Crossing in Clover Ridge to the intersection of Walter Martz Road and Poole Jones Road.  This connection is essential to the future development of the City-owned Sanner Farm, which includes multiple public facilities and is vital to providing multiple safe and efficient connections from residential areas in the northwest to downtown Frederick and U.S. 15.     

The project constructed 2,300 feet of four-lane median divided roadway, 10-foot-wide shared use path, and sidewalk, a new traffic circle at Walter Martz Road, and a new bridge over a tributary to Little Tuscarora Creek.   Construction was completed by C. William Hetzer Inc. for just under $5.0 million.  

Groundbreaking Ceremony
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony